terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2012

Brazil Carnival Facebook Page BrazilCarnival Fans

The Festivity of Brazil Carnival has now an official Brazil Carnival Facebook Fan Page with loads of photo, videos, links from Carnivals not only in Rio de Janeiro, but São Paulo, Helsinki, Notting Hill, Copenhagem, Asakusa, US Virgin Islands, Trinidad & Tobago Carnival to mention  a few.   This interaction is important since many people around the world now are starting to be more and more aware about the origins, elements and expressions of Carnival festivities.  And, as we mentioned above, today formal associations arise in the 5 continents of the planet.  Notting Hill Carnival, as an example, joins today more than 1 million revelers in London.  In Frankfurt and Berlin, we see the Karneval, growing too! 

Below, a video shot by Brazil Carnival Ooah, which was a tremendous success, because of the exclusivity of the images and the creativity of the body painting art applied to Carnival.

The objective is somehow encyclopedic, to help define the "Carnival of Brazil Glossary" and terminology, as well as present the schedule and dates of this marvelous culture which is gaining momentum all over the world.

                   Above, a fantastic photo  from Rodrigo Gorosito from G1.com

Several exclusive videos are made, especially to help samba dancers all over the world, review existing and new samba dance routines directly from the heart of Rio de Janeiro Samba-Schools.

         Above, a fantastic photo of Marcello O´Reilly from Academia do Samba, from Uniao da Ilha Samba-School

We will have a focus on the samba and carnival costumes and floats, which are a model for many Carnival celebrating countries.

 Above, a fantastic photo of Marcello O´Reilly from Academia do Samba

Finally, the samba drumming.  Many samba drums are presented so "batuqueiros", drummers, see new samba drumming techniques and styles.  We hope you all have a chance to visit us!  We are sure you will get to learn and grasp in depth this amazing cultural phenomena, but also keep to date of the some of the most important carnival celebrations around the world! 

Below see an amazing samba drumming rehearsal!

All the best and let´s keep the samba alive!