segunda-feira, 10 de maio de 2010

Carnival QueenTatiana Pagung Ultra Carnival Queen Exclusive Profile

Tatiana Pagung Ultra Carnival Queen Exclusive Profile: "Latest photos, news, and videos of Carnival Queen Tatiana Pagung from Brazil. The 29 years brunette has mixture of Indian, African and Portuguese blood that enchants samba lovers!"

Tatiana could be defined as one of the best examples of the true “roots” Drum Queens at the Brazilian Carnival. Unlike some other Queens, Thatiana has a deep connection with the samba world and as a child, loved to watch the samba parades at TV. She was always fascinated by the magical aspect of the carnival parades, where she debuted in 1999, at the Rio Sambadrome with Vila Isabel, Caprichosos, Viradouro, and Tradição Samba School!!

Tatiana Pagung was predestined to work at the Brazilian Carnaval BR as we will see in this exclusive profile.

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